sportBOT - Progress 01

It’s been a long ass time since my last post. I will try and update this dev blog more frequently!

As for updates, the game is coming along nicely. As the bug list increase… The rounds are getting complete! You can play a round – fail – or die. If you die and have enough points for continuing you get a continue screen. Otherwise it goes straight to game over. I’m working out the respawnign now, finding a lot of errors (on my behalf) with the Drone’s HUD (UMG) because I’m possessing a new character that spawns in while you still see your last moBOT in the field.

Conceptually, you should be able to continue a new game without having to re-load the whole level because your moBOT just went down, not your life. Thinking that continue could maybe just power your current bot back up may also make sense since this first level is a training and recreational theme park… not a life / death situation. Still, it’s good to get the newBOT respawn working and making sure the Drone view HUD is linked up correctly.

Below is a reworking of a level 2 moBOT which is geared towards sports and other game types. A chick version at the same level is sketched out but in the modeling phase. I’ll try to conform This SportBOT to UE4’s bipedal defaults as much as I can but since every piece can fall off…it may have to deviate. Anyhow, need to finish it’s UV mapping first then finalize the rigging.

#bot #design

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