During the age of mind-operated robots (moBOTs), man and machines united galaxies. With their speed, strength, and versatility, nothing seemed impossible…until Jüs - the street name of an illegal powerup - changed everything. Worlds are now threatened by the moBOTs who once brought peace. And while quests for answers have already begun, a darker more powerful version of Jüs is making its way into underground markets.

Train to improve, equip to survive, explore to unlock the clues that will save us from our self induced suffering. ​With the emphasis on strategy, coordination, and reflexes, the players' ability to master the skills of controlling moBOTs will be put to the test through varying missions scattered throughout the cosmos. As you continue playing, an underlying mystery adventure awaits…
Hi, I'm Ming - I've been a gamer since I could walk and currently working in the world of advertising for games, films, and television through my company Liberati. After graduating from USC with a philosophy degree, I started out working as a flash artist then quickly transitioned into motion graphics and production. For the past 20+ years, I've had wonderful opportunities that has helped me both develop as an artist and an entreprenuer. Final Gun has has become the passion project that challenges all that I have learned & continue to learn and I can't wait to share it with you!

Final Gun is currently being developed on my own using Unreal Engine 5.x. During its development, Final Gun was Greenlight on Steam (now Steam Direct).
Artist / Developer
Ming Hsiung
I'm currently seeking to collaborate with self-sufficient remote artists. If you have interest in the project and has something special to bring to the table, let's chat!
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